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… nah, son …

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" She liked him on top. She felt safe as he covered her. She felt vulnerable as he looked at her. She felt their bodies blended together as legs slipped between legs and held tight. "
A New Renaissance Man
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okay friends listen, that terrible post about chocolate oranges is getting notes again (in july?? wtf y’all choco oranges are a winter food but i digress) and i want to make my pain YOUR GAIN by giving away a 6-pack of chocolate oranges!!!!


(wow……i still love you so much, choco orange,……….)

giveaway ends on sept. 6th bc that’s the first date that popped into my head


1. reblog to enter, reblog as much as you want (but only one counts)

2. i dont care if you follow me

3. can only ship inside the u.s.

4. have fun and be kind to each other (that’s for the giveaway and for life)

okay thanks


person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



me: image